The following collection contains audio and some video recordings from Heterick Library's Ada Chats event series. In this series, faculty and staff members of Ohio Northern University are invited to give a short presentation to an open audience regarding topics of interest or ongoing projects in their field, with a Q&A section at the end. The event is coordinated by Heterick Memorial Library and the Ada Public Library.


Recordings from 2021

Putting Ex-Offenders Back to Work, Dallan F. Flake

The History of Hesitancy: The Story of 3 Landmark Vaccines, Michael Rush

Recordings from 2020

Opening Up to Open Access, Heather Crozier and Chris Deems

Benedict for Today, David MacDonald


Promoting Bike Safety and Physical Activity in the Community: The Kenton-Hardin County Family Bike Program, Jamie Hunsicker

Augmented Reality, Augmented Ethics: Who Has the Right to Augment a Particular Physical Space?, Erica L. Neely

Recordings from 2019

The Increasing Prevalence and Frequency of Mental Health Problems in Local Youth, Keith Durkin

Preparing Future Academicians: A Look into Pharmacy Residency Teaching Certificate Programs, Brittany L. Long

Dangers of Vaping, Karen Kier

Understanding Intersectionality, Anne Whitesell

What's All the Madness About in March?, Michelle Durand

Occupational Therapy Boards, Todd France

Conversing With Ghosts: The Real History of Fairytales, Jennifer Pullen

The Role of Chemistry in a Sustainable Society, Bradley M. Wile

Recordings from 2018

Geography and the 2020 Census, Katy Rossiter

Factors Associated with Juvenile Opioid Abuse, Keith Durkin and Tristin Kilgallon

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The Political Communication Climate of 2018, Jennifer Walton

Grace Under Fire: Communicating in a Crisis, Kathie Fleck

Is It Wrong to Eat Meat?, Jonathan Spelman

The History of Heterick, Paul Logsdon

Recordings from 2017

Northern Nursing Without Borders: Helping to Make a Difference, Christina Liebrecht

Disaster Donations, Christine L. North

Genetic Influences on Emotional Memory Formation, Phillip Zoladz

Awakening the Story in You: How Understanding Narrative Work Helps You at a University, Kevin Cordi

Davening: Jewish Prayer Structure, Omega Hollies

From Revolutionary Theater to Reactionary Litanies: Gustave Hervé at the Extremes of the French Third Republic, 1871-1944, Michael Louglin

Social Media News Feeds: An Informed Networked Public Sphere and the Role of a Decentralized Citizen Journalism Movement, Shane Tilton

Labor of Love: Initiatives to Reduce Ohio's Infant Mortality Rate, Natalie A. DiPietro Mager

Walking a New (Old) Path: Prayer Labyrinths, David MacDonald

Reconnecting to the Natural Night Sky by Design, Bryan Boulanger

Developing Cultural and Racial Understanding in the Classroom, Diana Garlough and Robert Carrothers

Recordings from 2016

Agricultural Beginnings in the Americas, David H. Kinder

The Problem with Antimicrobial Misuse and Abuse and the Coming Wave of Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens, Steven N. Leonard

Measuring Chalk Dust: Talking About Language in Meaningful Ways, William Trudeau

The Federally Funded Mobile Clinic and the Health Needs of Hardin County, Steven J. Martin

The Research and Artistic Planning Behind the Theatre Arts Department's Production of Lysistrata by Aristophanes, Joan Robbins