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Gamification in Diverse Language Learning Settings
Delaney Weiffenbach and Maya Stahl


Low-dose psilocybin sex-dependently enhances fear extinction in adult rats
Claire E. Miller, Margaret M. Naylor, Colin R. Del Valle, Heather R. Sparkman, Brooke E. Bramlage, Lillianna P. Puppel, Aleece K. Al-Olimat, Kylie M. King, Marisa J. Savini, and Phillip R. Zoladz


Exposure to the Trier Social Stress Test enhances central detail memory, reduces false memory, and results in intrusive memories that last for days
Mercedes L. Stanek, Kayla Boaz, Taylor D. Niese, Kristen E. Long, Matthew S. Risner, John G. Blasco, Koen N. Suzelis, Kelsey M. Siereveld, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, and Phillip R. Zoladz


Camera traps and eDNA metabarcoding to monitor weasel populations in Ohio
Masyn N. Ohler, Abigail M. Buzdon, and Madison K. Meadows


Surveying for Snake Fungal Pathogen Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola at Ohio Northern University Tidd-Oakes Farm
Violet R. Williams, Abigail M. Buzdon, Margaret L. Kurtz, and Katherine Krynak

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