This collection contains scholarship and creative works from members of faculty in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Ohio Northern University. Content may include journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings or papers, poster sessions, essays, and other materials.


Works from 2024


Aristotle on Artificial Products, Errol G. Katayama

Works from 2022


Mask-Less Shopping Is Like Drunk Driving, Jonathan Spelman


Mike DeWine, Mask Mandates, and the Value of Moral Philosophy, Jonathan Spelman

Works from 2020

Review of "Aristotle’s Science of Matter and Motion", by Christopher Byrne, Errol G. Katayama


Against Eating Humanely-Raised Meat: Revisiting Fred’s Basement, Jonathan Spelman

Works from 2019


The Ethics of Choice in Single-Player Video Games, Erica L. Neely

Works from 2018

The Aesthetic Roots of Environmental Amnesia: The Work of Art and the Imagination of Place, Forrest Clingerman

Aristotle’s Physics II 1 and Cultivated Plants, Errol G. Katayama


Augmented Reality, Augmented Ethics: Who Has the Right to Augment a Particular Physical Space?, Erica L. Neely

Works from 2017


Violence and Vengeance, Mimesis and Murder, Conflict and Cross: A Critical-Constructive Engagement with René Girard, Darrin W.S. Belousek

A Note on TA EΣΧATA EIΔΗ at 644a23 in Aristotle’s Part. An. 1.4, Errol G. Katayama


No Player is Ideal: Why Video Game Designers Cannot Ethically Ignore Players’ Real-World Identities, Erica L. Neely


Review of "Ignorance and Moral Obligation", by Michael J. Zimmerman, Jonathan Spelman

Works from 2016


God, Evil, and (Non-)Violence: Creation Theology, Creativity Theology, and Christian Ethics, Darrin W.S. Belousek

Place and the Hermeneutics of the Anthropocene, Forrest Clingerman

Theologies of the Climate, Forrest Clingerman

Time’s Arrow and Narrative of Climate Engineering, Forrest Clingerman

Aaugh! Why Is Being Moral So Hard?, Patrick Croskery


Heideggerian Reflections on Three Mennonite Cookbooks and a Mennonite Farm in Northwest Ohio, Mark H. Dixon and Raymond F. Person Jr.


The Risks of Revolution: Ethical Dilemmas in 3D Printing from a US Perspective, Erica L. Neely

Biblical Historiography as Traditional History, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Character in Narrative Depictions of Composing Oral Epics and Reading Historiographies, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Education and Transmission of Tradition, Raymond F. Person Jr.

From Conversation to Oral Tradition: A Simplest Systematics for Oral Traditions, Raymond F. Person Jr.

From Grammar in Everyday Conversation to Special Grammar in Oral Traditions: A Case Study of Ring Composition, Raymond F. Person Jr.

The Problem of ‘Literary Unity’ from the Perspective of the Study of Oral Traditions, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2015


Continuing the Conversation: Rejoinder to Respondents from the Morling Conference on Atonement Theology, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Review of "The Crucified King: Atonement and Kingdom in Biblical and Systematic Theology", by Jeremy R. Treat, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Science, Values, and Power: Toward a Christian-Critical Perspective on Responsible Science, Darrin W.S. Belousek

Natural or Political Public Space? Spaces of Interpretation, Environmentalism, and the Sacred Depth, Forrest Clingerman

Redeeming the Climate: Investigating a Theological Model of Geoengineering, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Janet Donohoe, Remembering Places: A Phenomenological Study of the Relationship between Memory and Place, Forrest Clingerman

Theologians as Interpreters—Not Prophets—In a Changing Climate, Forrest Clingerman

The Place of Narrative and Tradition in the Interpretation of the Text of Nature, Forrest Clingerman

Moral Sensitivity as Integrated Attunement, Patrick Croskery and Mark H. Dixon

Text Criticism as a Lens for Understanding the Transmission of Ancient Texts in Their Oral Environments, Raymond F. Person Jr.

The Story of David and Goliath from the Perspective of the Study of Oral Traditions, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2014


God and Nonviolence: Creedal Theology and Christian Ethics, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Good News: The Advent of Salvation in the Gospel of Luke, Darrin W.S. Belousek


O Sweet Exchange! The Cross of Christ in the Drama of Reconciliation, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Professional Baseball and Performance-Enhancing Drugs: A Virtue Ethics Perspective, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Review of "Instead of Atonement: The Bible's Salvation Story and Our Search for Wholeness", by Ted Grimsrud, Darrin W.S. Belousek


The Road That I Must Walk: A Disciple’s Journey, Darrin W.S. Belousek

Geoengineering, Theology, and the Meaning of Being Human, Forrest Clingerman

Pedagogy as a Field Guide to the Ecology of the Classroom, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Paul G. Harris, What’s Wrong with Climate Politics and How to Fix It, and Clive Hamilton, Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering, Forrest Clingerman


The Care of the Reaper Man: Death, the Auditors, and the Importance of Individuality, Erica L. Neely

Deuteronomy and Environmental Amnesia, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2013


Entrusting Ourselves to the One Who Judges Justly: Proclaiming the Cross in a World of Insecurity, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Health Care, Natural Law, and the American Commons: Locke and Libertarianism, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Review of "Killing Enmity: Violence and the New Testament", by Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld, Darrin W.S. Belousek

Butterflies Dwell Betwixt and Between: Non-Human Animals, Theology, and Dwelling in Place, Forrest Clingerman

Homecoming and the Half-Remembered: Environmental Amnesia, the Uncanny and the Path Home, Forrest Clingerman

Imagination and Fallibility: Ian McEwan’s Solar and Framing Climate Change for Theological Reflection, Forrest Clingerman

Memory, Imagination, and the Hermeneutics of Place, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Guide to the Process, and How to Develop a Project from Start to Finish, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Idea-Based Learning: A Course Design Process to Promote Conceptual Understanding, Forrest Clingerman

The Ecological Pilgrimage of Self and Community, Forrest Clingerman

Working within the Frame, Breaking Outside the Borders: Intersections in the Theological Experience of Art and Place, Forrest Clingerman


Machines and the Moral Community, Erica L. Neely

Orality Studies, Oral Tradition: Hebrew Bible, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Prophets in the Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles, Raymond F. Person Jr.

‘Your Wives, Your Children, and Your Livestock’: Domesticated Beings as Religious Objects in the Book of Deuteronomy, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2012

Between Babel and Pelagius: Religion, Theology and Geoengineering, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Mark I. Wallace’s Green Christianity, Forrest Clingerman

Review of The Natural City: Re-envisioning the Built Environment, edited by Ingrid Leman Stefanovic and Stephen Bede Scharper, Forrest Clingerman

Review of "Aristotle on Time: A Study of the Physics", Errol G. Katayama


Two Concepts of Community, Erica L. Neely

Conversation Analysis, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2011


Atonement, Justice, and Peace: The Message of the Cross and the Mission of the Church, Darrin W.S. Belousek


Nonviolent God: Critical Analysis of a Contemporary Argument, Darrin W.S. Belousek

Environmental Amnesia or the Memory of Place? The Need for Local Ethics of Memory in a Philosophical Theology of Place, Forrest Clingerman

From Artwork to Place: Finding the Voices of Moreelse, Bacon and Beuys at the Hermeneutical Intersection of Culture and Nature, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Collaborative Working in Higher Education, Forrest Clingerman

Placing Nature on the Borders of Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics, Mark H. Dixon and Forrest Clingerman

David Charles and Aristotle’s Master Craftsmen, Errol G. Katayama


Soul and Elemental Motion in Aristotle’s Physics VIII 4, Errol G. Katayama

Works from 2010

Review Essay: Roger Gottlieb’s A Greener Faith and The Oxford Handbook of Religion and Ecology, Forrest Clingerman

Wilderness as the Place between Philosophy and Theology: Questioning Martin Drenthen on the Otherness of Nature, Forrest Clingerman

Environmental Virtue Ethics: Core Concepts and Values, Mark H. Dixon


Review of "Not in Our Classrooms: Why Intelligent Design Is Wrong for Our Schools", edited by Eugenie C. Scott and Glenn Branch, Mark H. Dixon

Identity (Re)formation as the Historical Circumstances Required, Raymond F. Person Jr.

The Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles: Scribal Works in an Oral World, Raymond F. Person Jr.

The Deuteronomic History and the Book of Chronicles: Scribal Works in an Oral World, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2009

Interpreting Heaven and Earth: The Theological Construction of Nature, Place, and the Built Environment, Forrest Clingerman

Reading the Book of Nature: A Hermeneutical Account of Nature for Philosophical Theology, Forrest Clingerman

Review of Laurel C. Schneider’s Beyond Monotheism: A Theology of Multiplicity, Forrest Clingerman

Seeking the Depth of Nature in a Scientific World, Forrest Clingerman

Walking into the Frame: A Theological Exploration of Pilgrimage along Anton Mauve’s A Dutch Road, Forrest Clingerman

The Architecture of Solitude, Mark H. Dixon

Works from 2008

Tell Me a Story of Jesus: Teaching as Storytelling and Four Recent Short Histories of Christianity, Forrest Clingerman

The Intimate Distance of Herons: Theological Travels Through Nature, Place, and Migration, Forrest Clingerman


Substantial Unity and Living Things in Aristotle, Errol G. Katayama

Historical Reconstruction and Theological Construction in Tension in the Work of J. Denny Weaver, Raymond F. Person Jr.

The Role of Non-Human Characters in Jonah, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2007

Pigs Training Dogs to Exploit Sheep: Animals as a Beast Fable Dystopia, Patrick Croskery

Introduction: The Importance of Empirical Models to Assess the Efficacy of Source and Redaction Criticism, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Linguistic Difference Emphasized; Linguistic Difference Denied, Raymond F. Person Jr.

Works from 2006

Monty Python and the Search for the Meaning of Life, Patrick Croskery

The Deuteronomic History and the Books of Chronicles: Contemporary Competing Historiographies, Raymond F. Person Jr.