Who should present at the ONU Student Research Colloquium?

Ohio Northern students of all disciplines who have an interest in research are invited to present papers from the podium or posters during poster sessions to an audience of interested fellow students, faculty and visitors. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to present. Presentations may be authored and presented both by individuals and groups.

Why should I pursue and present my research?

For the student, research bridges the gap between knowledge and experience and provides for career exploration and development. For the discipline, research produces original results and contributes to the body of knowledge and creative works within the discipline.

As a presenter at the Student Research Colloquium, you will share the results of your research with the larger academic community, enliven the intellectual climate on campus, and stimulate discussions and collaborations within and across disciplines, all while developing skills important to your long-term personal and professional success.

How do I get started?

  1. Develop an idea or a question you’d like to research, or one that you’ve already begun researching
  2. Talk with a faculty member to see whether they think you could craft an engaging and worthwhile presentation from the research you have done, are doing, or will do.
    • If so, ask the faculty member to serve as your faculty sponsor for the colloquium.
  3. Draft a clear, comprehensive and succinct (200-word) abstract of your research and ask your faculty sponsor to review it. For more information on Abstracts click the link About Abstracts https://my.onu.edu/research/student_research_colloquium/advice_for_abstracts
  4. Make any necessary changes to your abstract; then submit it as part of your complete online registration before the deadline for abstracts.
  5. Keep working on your research and developing your presentation.
  6. In early-April, look for your acceptance email, and note the time of your presentation session.
  7. Register in person in the Activities Room at the ONU McIntosh Center at least 20 minutes before your scheduled presentation session.
  8. Set up your presentation and make sure that any requested audiovisual equipment is working.
  9. Take a deep breath, speak slowly and clearly, and share your knowledge with the world!
  10. Attend some of your fellow students’ papers or poster presentations during the colloquium.

Does my project or research need to be complete before filling out the registration form?

No. As this first submission is only for your project's abstract, you do not need to submit any other files in the Upload section of the form. Once your project is completed, you'll be able to edit your submission and add the appropriate files to that field later, if so desired.

Please contact digitalcommons@onu.edu for further information about what can be added.

What information is required on the registration form?

In addition to filling out all of the required fields of the submission form with the appropriate information, presenters will also need to list the full name(s), department(s), and email(s) of your project's faculty advisor(s), sponsor and/or co-author in the Faculty Advisor(s)field.

Who do I submit as an advisor?

An advisor is someone who has mentored the research you are presenting. A sponsor is an ONU faculty or staff member who can support your presentation. A sponsor may or may not be the same as your research advisor.

Do I need to submit anything in the Full Text of Presentation?

This is optional. If you choose to upload your presentations, whether paper or poster or supporting materials, this is where you will do it.

Do I need to record my presentation?

Currently, the Student Research Colloquium is planned to be an in-person event. As such, you are not required to submit an audio or video recording of your presentation.

Should the colloquium need to become a virtual-only event due to extenuating circumstances, and a recording is needed, you will be notified beforehand. Additionally, if you would like to record your presentation regardless, you are more than welcome to submit a recording as your main file or as a supplemental file.

What if I have more than one file for my presentation?

If you would like for your entry in the SRC to be access restricted to only current members of ONU: Please upload all of your project files as one .zip folder using the Upload field.

If you are planning on having your entry be available to the public: Please upload your main project file using the Upload field, and check the Additional Files checkbox in the form. You'll then be able to add additional files to your entry once you press the Submit button. Be sure to consult your faculty advisor before selecting yes for open access to the general public.

What files can be uploaded for the colloquium?

Files uploaded for the SRC can be in any format, though PDF is the preferred standard when applicable.

For poster presentations: Your poster file should be considered your main file.

For paper/oral presentations: Any file you created that contributed to your paper/oral presentation can be considered your main file. This can be your presentation's script, speaker notes you created for your presentation, or the paper you're presenting on.

How do I access the presentation files in the colloquium?

Presentation files can be accessed by using the blue Download button on a presentation’s individual page in the colloquium.

I tried downloading a presentation, but it says I don’t have access?

Some presentation files are only available to current members of Ohio Northern University. To access these files, log in to DigitialCommons@ONU from the My Account page using your ONU username and password. You’ll also need to be using the University’s on-campus wifi/internet or the University VPN if you are accessing the colloquium from off-campus.