Pharmacy and Wellness Review

Volume 0, Issue 1 (2012) PAW Review Supplement - April 2012


Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
Kevin Stack, Eric Stack, Stelios Theophanous, Anne Gentry, and Jason M. Pogue


Understanding Drug Shortages as a Pharmacist
Heather Helsel, Thomas Otroba, Juliana Zschoche, and Elizabeth Dodds-Ashley


A Pharmacist's Guide to Vaccinations
Amy Gillman, Jessica Beck, and Vincent Wu


Phase IV Clinical Trials: Postmarketing Surveillance of Prescription Drugs
Morgan Belling, Jacquline Nunner, and Jessica Stemen


New Federal Ban on Bath Salts: Attempts to Contain a Growing Epidemic
Courtney L. Salvino, Adam N. Trimble, David N. Jones, Margaret Rowland, and Michael M. Milks


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