This collection contains scholarship and creative works from current students in Theatre Arts at Ohio Northern University. Content may include video and audio recordings, journal articles, poster sessions, and other materials.


Works from 2020

Quarantine Dance Corps, Elizabeth Cozad, Alec Beiswenger, Curtis DeBacker, Ryan Book, Bridget Mahoney, Tyler Cowdrey, Meghan Hutchins, Abigail Long, Hailee McManaway, Camryn Lamontagne, Megan Bell, Kathryn McCarty, Danielle Mouch, Megan Kowal, Marisha Osowski, Serena Chiappelli, Matthew Brightbill, Brenda Hoyt-Brackman, Jacqueline Fisher, Juliana Tate, Hannah Enciso, Brian Sage, Ashley Buersmeyer, Amanda Wischmeyer, Kathe DeVault, Carmen Bednarski, Maggie Rucki, Carina Milano, and Caleb Jingo