Toward a Consistent Ethic of Life in the Peace Tradition Perspective: A Critical-Constructive Response to the MC USA Statement on Abortion

Darrin W.S. Belousek, Ohio Northern University


This paper responds critically to several issues raised, implicitly and explicitly, in the Mennonite Church (MC) USA Statement on Abortion passed at the Atlanta 2003 church assembly and works constructively toward a "consistent ethic of life" from a peace tradition perspective. The overarching aim is to help Mennonites, as well as other peace church tradition and nonviolence-minded Christians, to think clearly and consistently about abortion in connection to other life and peace issues, especially capital punishment and war. In this, my desire is to help equip the church for fulfilling the mission to which the MC USA statement calls us: "We will promote consistency in favor of human life along the entire spectrum of human existence. We stand in opposition to sacrifice of life in the womb, in the death chamber and through war in all its forms."