Continuing the Conversation: Rejoinder to Respondents from the Morling Conference on Atonement Theology

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The Morling Conference in May 2014 comprised four lectures by me encompassing a range of topics and texts, based on my book Atonement, Justice, and Peace: The Message of the Cross and the Mission of the Church, followed by responses to each lecture: "Jesus' Death and Christian Tradition: Ancient Creeds and Trinitarian Theology" (Graeme Chatfield responding); "Jesus' Death and the Old Testament: Atoning Sacrifice and the Suffering Servant" (Anthony Petterson responding); "Jesus' Death and the Synoptic Gospels: New Exodus and New Covenant" (Matthew Anslow responding); and "Jesus' Death and the Pauline Epistles: "Mercy Seat" and Place-Taking" (David Starling responding). I thank each of my interlocutors for their respective contributions to the conversation. As readers will have discovered, two of the respondents were more favorable, and two were more skeptical, toward the Anabaptist perspective and particular arguments presented in my book. I will present my rejoinder in that order.

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