PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: A required course in leadership, entrepreneurship, and administration in pharmacy

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Context: Worldwide, there is growing interest in equipping pharmacy graduates with the requisite skills to assume responsibilities related to management and leadership in the profession. To meet this need, the required course “Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Administration in Pharmacy” is provided as a culminating experience for pharmacy students.

Description of course: In this course, students learn concepts related to management, leadership, and entrepreneurship and complete assignments including financial statement exercises, human resources management simulations, personal leadership development plans, and business plan projects with professional poster presentations. The course in its current form has been offered four times to 541 students.

Evaluation: Student evaluations (n=214) show the course is well-received and provides opportunities to develop knowledge and skills not covered previously. As the pharmacy profession is constantly evolving, students need a strong foundation in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Sharing experiences from this course will aid faculty at other institutions wanting to include similar topics in their curriculum.

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