An Elective Course in Women's Health Issues

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Purpose: To develop, implement, and evaluate an elective course for the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) curriculum that provides students with a comprehensive overview of women's health across the lifespan and exposes them to social and economic issues that impact women's health.

Case Study:At the time of this writing, the class has been delivered 3 times to a total of 56 students. Students read and discussed (both in-class and online) timely articles in women's health issues on topics including sex-based biology; women in clinical trials; maternal and child health; women's health coverage and access to care in the United States; gender and health communication; abuse and the role of healthcare professionals; and international issues in women's health and women's rights. Students completed a pre- and post-test; developed seminar presentations regarding women's health issues; wrote reflective essays about the course; and designed and implemented health promotion projects for National Women's Health Week (NWHW). At the end of the course, the number of correct answers on the post-test significantly improved from the pre-test (p

Implications: An elective course was designed to educate pharmacy students regarding women's health issues and to provide students with an opportunity to perform community outreach.