This collection contains scholarship and creative works from members of faculty in the Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University. Content may include journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings or papers, poster sessions, essays, and other materials.


Works from 2022


Impostor Phenomenon in Undergraduates and Pharmacy Students at a Small Private University, Dylan McWilliams, Mitchell Block, Jessica Hinson, and Karen L. Kier

Works from 2021


Development and assessment of a nationwide, cross-discipline women faculty mentoring program, Lea S. Eiland, Kelly Shields, Susan E. Smith, Elizabeth W. Covington, Akesha Edwards, Shannon R.M. Kinney, and Seena L. Haines


Reflective to be Effective: Establishing Validity Evidence for Parallel Patient-Provider Empathy Scales to Drive Self-Reflection, Michelle Blakely, Benjamin D. Aronson, Aleda M. Chen, Mary E. Kiersma, Emily Wicker, and Juanita Drame

An update on the Kiersma Chen Empathy Scale (KCES): Creating the KCES-R, Benjamin D. Aronson


An Update on the Kiersma Chen Empathy Scale (KCES): Creating the KCES-Revised, Benjamin D. Aronson, Aleda M. Chen, Michelle Blakely, Mary E. Kiersma, and Emily Wicker


Tumor-Induced Cardiac Dysfunction: A Potential Role of ROS, Priyanka Karekar, Haley N. Jensen, Kathryn L. G. Russart, Devasena Ponnalagu, Sarah Seeley, Shridhar Sanghvi, Sakima A. Smith, Leah M. Pyter, Harpreet Singh, and Shubha Gururaja Rao


Solanum jamesii as a Food Crop: History and Current Status of a Unique Potato, David Kinder, John Bamberg, Lisbeth Louderback, Bruce Pavlik, and Alfonso Del Rio

Identifying Low Pharmaceutical Calculation Performers Using an Algebra-Based Pretest, Benjamin D. Aronson, Emily Eddy, Brittany Long, Olivia Welch, Jennifer Grundey, and Jessica Hinson


PROGRAMME DESCRIPTION: A required course in leadership, entrepreneurship, and administration in pharmacy, Natalie A. DiPietro, Kevin Ernst, Kyle W. Parker, Brittany Bates, and Benjamin D. Aronson

Works from 2020

The mediating role of externalizing symptoms in type 2 diabetes medication adherence gender differences, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kelley J. Sittner, and Melissa L. Walls

Assessment of Feasibility and Outcomes of a Salivary Cortisol Collection Protocol in Five American Indian Communities, Melissa L. Walls, Melinda Dertinger, Michael E. Unzen, Angie K. Forsberg, Benjamin D. Aronson, S. Wille, Mustafa al’Absi, and the Gathering for Health Team


Short term methylphenidate treatment does not increase myocardial injury in the ischemic rat heart, Sarah Seeley, Manoranjan S. D'Souza, Thorne S. Stoops, and Boyd R. Rorabaugh


Training upcoming academicians through interviews of pharmacy resident teaching certificate leaders, Emily Eddy, Brittany Long, Lindsey Peters, Jennifer Grundey, Michelle Musser, and Karielle Shaffery


A CLEAN sweep: getting rid of the medication cost barrier, Emily Eddy, Brittany Long, and Lindsey Peters

Gastrointestinal infections and enterotoxigenic poisonings., Andrew M. Roecker and Brittany Bates

Section 19: Complementary and alternative therapies, Kelly M. Shields

Works from 2019


Evaluation of a perioperative multi-modal analgesia approach in regards to enhanced recovery after surgery, Seth Wollenhaupt, Jeremy Ebert, and Karen Kier


Expanding services of a pharmacist-led rural mobile health clinic to school-aged children and working class parents, Megan Stephan, Karen Kier, and Michael Rush


Implementation of a Pharmacist-Driven Prescription Delivery and Home Visitation Service in a Rural Community, Clayton L. Miller, Katie Westgerdes, Michael Rush, Karen L. Kier, and Megan Stephan


Implementation of LIBERATE protocol with focus on delirium in an acute care community hospital’s medical and cardiovascular intensive care units, Jasmine M. Hossler, Emily A. Sedio, and Karen L. Kier


RGS5 Protein Protects Against Anxiety- and Depression-Like Behavior, Manoranjan S. D'Souza, Trevor Guisinger, Haval Norman, Sarah Seeley, and Sophocles Chrissobolis


Identifying and evaluating gaps in knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary for a career in academia, Lindsey Peters, Brittany Long, and Emily Eddy

Brain and Cognition for Addiction Medicine: From Prevention to recovery Neural Substrates for Treatment of Psychostimulant-Induced Cognitive Deficits, Manoranjan S. D'Souza

Navigating the Educational Approaches and Assessment for Personal and Professional Development (CAPE Domain 4): Self-Awareness, Benjamin D. Aronson


Can We Find Pharmaceutical Calculations Low Performers Before Class Starts?: Identifying Problem Solving Deficiencies, Benjamin D. Aronson, Emily T. Eddy, Jennifer K. Grundey, Brittany L. Long, Jessica L. Hinson, and Kristen F. Sobota

Escape Room Activity and Impact on Student Perceived Team Dynamics, E. T. Eddy, Kelly M. Shields, Michelle R. Musser, and Jessica L. Hinson

Expanding the Evidence Base for the Kiersma-Chen Empathy Scale (KCES) Across Multiple Health Professions, Benjamin D. Aronson, Aleda M. Chen, and Mary E. Kiersma

Focusing in on Training Upcoming Academicians: Interviews of Pharmacy Resident Teaching Certificate Leaders in Ohio, Emily Eddy, Brittany Long, Lindsey Peters, Michelle Musser, Jennifer Grundey, and Karielle Shaffery


Perceptions and prevalence of alcohol and cigarette use among American Indian adults with type 2 diabetes, Melissa L. Walls, Dane S. Hautala, Miigis B. Gonzalez, Brenna L. Greenfield, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Emily Onello

Will increased co-curricular activity lead to stronger professional engagement?, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kelly M. Shields, and Kristin K. Janke

Destination Better Quality: Examining Quality on a Mobile Health Clinic, Benjamin D. Aronson, A. McPheron, Amy M. Fanous, and E. T. Eddy

Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?: Changing the answer from “No” to “Yes”, Carrie Freed and Benjamin D. Aronson

How to Kindle the Flame of Residency: Avoiding Burnout for Residents and Preceptor, Brittany Bates

Implementing Medical Marijuana Education into Existing Patient Care Practices, Jessica L. Hinson and Amber Williams

A Systematic Review in Search of Innovation in Teaching Pharmacy Management, Business, and Leadership, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kevin Ernst, Kyle W. Parker, Trate DeVolld, Mary Komandt, Avery Meadows, and Natalie A. DiPietro-Mager

Chicken or Egg: The Bidirectional Relationship Between Diabetes Distress and Satisfaction with Blood Glucose Control, Christina Marengo, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Melissa L. Walls

Clostridioides difficile Infection: Scope of Disease and Updates to Treatment, Andrew M. Roecker

Evaluation of factors associated with readmission in an inpatient psychiatric unit, A. Dingess, Lindsey M. Peters, and Benjamin D. Aronson

Evidence that regulator of g-protein signaling 5 protein modulates emotional behaviors in adult mice, Sophocles Chrissobolis, Trevor Guisinger, Haval Norman, Sarah L. Seeley, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, and Manoranjan S. D’Souza

Medications that Affect Balance, Kristen F. Sobota

Regulator of G-protein signaling 5 protein modulates blood pressure and cerebral vascular superoxide levels in aged mice, Sophocles Chrissobolis, Ryan Waldschmidt, Trevor Guisinger, Sarah L. Seeley, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, Anh Luu, and Manoranjan S. D’Souza


Self-reported eye diseases among American Indian individuals with type 2 diabetes from the northern Midwest, Benjamin D. Aronson, Anna R. F. Gregoire, Margarette L. Kading, Shannon M. RedBrook, Ryan Wilson, and Melissa L. Walls

Men’s Health, Kelly M. Shields

Diabetes Update, Jennifer Smith and Jessica L. Hinson

Moving Away from the Smorgasbord Research Approach: Lessons from a New Faculty Member, Benjamin D. Aronson


Implementation of a Cardiac Transitions of Care Pilot Program: A Prospective Study of Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Pharmacy Services for Patients With Heart Failure Exacerbation or Acute Myocardial Infarction, Julie A. Murphy, Michelle N. Schroeder, Rachel E. Rarus, Idris Yakubu, Sean O. P. McKee, and Steven J. Martin

A Call to Action!: Quality in Student Outreach, Benjamin D. Aronson

A longitudinal study of the stress of poor glucose control and diabetes distress, Christina Marengo, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Kelley J. Sittner

Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic analgesics and drugs used in gout, Brittany Long and Mark E. Olah

Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic analgesics and drugs used in gout., Brittany Long

NAPLEX Review Boot Camp 2019 – Oncology Review, Andrew M. Roecker


Sources of Stress Among Midwest American Indian Adults with Type 2 Diabetes, Jessica H. L. Elm, Melissa L. Walls, and Benjamin D. Aronson

Works from 2018

Implementation of a piperacillin-tazobactam time out in an acute care community hospital., Brittany Bates, K Huston, J Schumacher, and Karen Kier

Sensory Stimulation Outreach with Dementia Patients Student-Pharmacists' Professional Development, B. Mosley, Kelly Reilly Kroustos, and Kristen Finley Sobota

Radiological Contrast Agents and Radiopharmaceuticals, Manoranjan S. D’Souza and Arindam Basu Sarkar

ONU ASCP Engagement at Local Nursing Home, Hailee Sautter, Haley Van Ness, Kristen Finley Sobota, and Kelly Reilly Kroustos

The Prescription for a Successful Relationship with God, Kristen F. Sobota

Using a Mock Board of Pharmacy Disciplinary Hearing to Teach Concepts Related to Administrative Law, Addiction, Empathy, and Professionalism, Kyle W. Parker, Natalie A. DiPietro-Mager, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Donald C. Hart

Using Music Therapy in the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease: A Student Pharmacists's Approach, Matt Hill, Kayla Nagy, Kelly Reilly Kroustos, and Kristen Finley Sobota

Under pressure: Salivary cortisol, psychosocial stress, and type 2 diabetes in five American Indian communities, Melinda Dertinger, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Melissa L. Walls

Vaccines: Risks and Benefits, Scott Alexander, Charlie Bahr, Paige Cornett, Jessica L. Hinson, Ashley Homan, Autumn Koenig, and Scott Odle

Falls Prevention Awareness Day: Medication Safety, Kristen F. Sobota and Celine Raible

Regulator of G protein signaling 2 (RGS2) differentially regulates nicotine-induced anxiolytic and antidepressant effects, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, Lisanne Sprague, Havel Norman, Sarah L. Seeley, and Manoranjan S. D’Souza

‘Hope’ing to become a pharmacist: Exploring hope in first year pharmacy students, B. A. Von Hoff, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kristin K. Janke, and R. A. Bechtol

Safe Medication Use in Older Adults, Kristen F. Sobota and Kelly R. Kroustos

Active Learning Video Assignment to Impact Pharmacy Students’ Knowledge of Natural Products, Kelly M. Shields, Amber M. Etzel, H. Lamb, and Yong Wang

Evaluation of the Impact of a Novel, Hands-On Basic Science Exercise on Students’ Learning, Yousif B. Rojeab, Tarek M. Mahfouz, Kelly M. Shields, David H. Kinder, H. Lamb, Dee Dee L. Myers, and E. Loudermilk

Got my mind set on you: Measuring mindset in student pharmacists, Benjamin D. Aronson, R. A. Bechtol, B. VonHoff, G. Lepp, and Kristen K. Janke

Translating from employee wellness to student wellness: A first-year pharmacy course, Amy M. Fanous, Michael J. Rush, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Karen L. Kier

Integration of Disciplines in Teaching of Parkinson’s Disease, Mark E. Olah, Jeffrey Christoff, Kelly R. Kroustos, and Kelly M. Shields

Regulator of G protein signaling 2 (RGS2) and 4 (RGS4) in the rewarding effects of cocaine. Physiology and Behavior, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, Madison J. Rose, Thorne S. Stoops, Allison A. Stevens, Sarah L. Seeley, and Manoranjan S. D’Souza


#drugfree: Using Social Media Advertisements to Spread Health on a College Campus, Amy M. Fanous, Benjamin D. Aronson, Jessica L. Hinson, Lindsey M. Peters, Breanna R. Meinzer, Zachary T. Woods, and Michael J. Rush

Evaluating Ohio Pharmacy Faculty Perceptions of Knowledge, Skills, and Qualities Necessary for a Career in Academia, Lindsey Peters, Brittany Long, and Emily Eddy

Measuring a state of mind indicative of thriving using the Student Pharmacist Inventory of Professional Engagement (S-PIPE), Benjamin D. Aronson and Kristen K. Janke

Antibiotic Pearls: Bugs, Drugs, and Durations, Brittany Bates

Pearson Nurse’s Drug Guide 2019, Kelly M. Shields, Kami L. Fox, and Christina M. Liebrecht

A Layered Learning Medication Reconciliation Program, Brittany Bates

OIPP Pilot Project Results: Impact of Home Safety and Medication Reviews, Kristen F. Sobota and Kelly R. Kroustos

Relationship between mental health disorders, perceived stress level and a college student’s academic success, Marisa Rinehart and Benjamin D. Aronson

Role of regulator of G-protein signaling 5 protein in modulating emotional behaviors in the presence and absence of angiotensin 2-induced hypertension, Trevor Guisinger, Haval Norman, Sarah L. Seeley, Boyd R. Rorabaugh, Manoranjan S. D’Souza, and Sophocles Chrissobolis

Medication Safety Approaches across the Pharmacy Continuum, Andrew M. Roecker

Diabetes distress: Select findings from the Gathering for Health Study, Benjamin D. Aronson

Who isn’t getting a statin?: Clinical characteristics associated with appropriate statin prescribing, Stephanie Walton and Benjamin D. Aronson

A Student-Pharmacist Sensory Stimulation Outreach: Fidget Blankets, B. Mosley, Kelly Reilly Kroustos, and Kristen F. Sobota

I can’t get no satisfaction: A longitudinal analysis of glucose satisfaction and diabetes distress, Christina Marengo and Benjamin D. Aronson

Managing Behavioral Symptoms in Dementia Using Non-Pharmacologic Approaches, Kristen F. Sobota, Anna McCloud, and Y. Noh

Student Pharmacist Perception of Outreach Development After Music Therapy Amongst Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, Y. Noh, Kelly R. Kroustos, and Kristen F. Sobota

Impact of student to student peer mentoring program in first year of pharmacy program, Amber M. Etzel, Saleh F. Alqifari, Kelly M. Shields, Yong Wang, and Nicholas B. Bileck

Annual Meeting: What keeps me coming back, Jessica L. Hinson

The impact of a wellness course on incoming college freshman to develop proper health and wellness habits, Amy M. Fanous, Michael J. Rush, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Karen L. Kier

The Role of Population Density on Medication Adherence: An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Adherence Among Rural and Urban Dwellers, Cody Arbuckle, Daniel M. Tomaszewski, Benjamin D. Aronson, Lawrence M. Brown, Jon C. Schommer, Donald E. Morisky, and Erik J. Linstead

Effects of pharmacological manipulation of the kappa opioid receptors on the aversive effects of nicotine, Melissa Ward, Havel Norman, and Manoranjan S. D’Souza


Evaluating Factors Impacting Medication Adherence Among Rural, Urban, and Suburban Populations, Cody Arbuckle, Daniel M. Tomaszewski, Benjamin D. Aronson, Lawrence M. Brown, Jon C. Schommer, Donald E. Morisky, and Erik J. Linstead

Herpes zoster vaccination in the elderly, Crystal Zheng, D Pete, M Wheeler, and Brittany Long

Influenza and Bacterial Coinfection, Brittany Bates

Kappa opioid receptors and nicotine-dependent behaviors, Manoranjan S. D’Souza


Report of the 2017-2018 Academic Affairs Standing Committee, Michael J. Fulford, Johnnie L. Early II, Donald A. Godwin, Michael Gonyeau, Sarah E. Griffin, Gail B. Rattinger, Kelly M. Shields, Kyle Sousa, and Ruth E. Nemire

Works from 2017

Impact of an inpatient pharmacist-driven protocol to optimize acid suppressive therapy across the patient care continuum., R. Lynn, Brittany Bates, and Karen Kier

Targeted antimicrobial stewardship strategy to reduce inappropriate fluoroquinolone use, Brittany Bates


Medication Safety: Lessons from Practice, Jessica L. Hinson and Brittany L. Long