Pharmacy and Wellness Review


Home health care is a method of medical care that patients receive inside their home under the supervision of a collaborative team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and sometimes other health care professionals. Home health provides patients with the same standard of care that they would be receiving in a nursing home or hospital. However, the treatment and continued monitoring at home reduces health care costs and makes the patient feel more comfortable. Pharmacists analyze, resolve and prevent medication-related problems in home health care in order to minimize hospitalizations and improve patient quality of life. Pharmacist involvement with other health care professionals in the patient transition of care can help maximize the quality of patient care. To become a home health care pharmacist, neither a residency nor certification is required. Home health pharmacists perform medication reconciliation, comprehensive medication reviews, monitor intravenous drug therapy and enteral therapy, identify high-risk medications and adverse drug reactions, prevent polypharmacy and improve patient adherence. Patients that must be fed through enteral nutrition tubes in the home health care setting have a set of special concerns that the home health care team must address. Pharmacists' extensive knowledge of medication necessitates their involvement on the home health care team.



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