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Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease that affects millions of people worldwide, yet is not entirely understood. Symptoms of multiple sclerosis most frequently include muscle spasms and extreme fatigue, but patients can experience a wide variety of issues. There are four categories in which patients with multiple sclerosis are typically classified: relapse-remitting, primary-progressive, secondary-progressive and progressive-relapsing. The pathophysiology of the disease is largely unknown, but many theories are being researched. Currently, there are treatments that can alleviate symptoms and halt disease progression, but no cure is known at this time. Most symptomatic relief medications focus on anti-inflammatory mechanisms of action, while disease modifying treatments have novel mechanisms which are being studied more fully. By being aware of new drug therapies, pharmacists can better counsel patients with this disease state. As new therapies are approved, it is important to understand their mechanism and reasons for use, so as to be aware of potential side effects and interactions.



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