Pharmacy and Wellness Review

Volume 0, Issue 5 (2016) PAW Review Supplement: Health Systems Leadership Summit 2016


Professional Priorities to Optimize Patient Outcomes
Megan Bishop, Joelle Hall, Mikayla Shea, Katherine Liu, Steven J. Martin, and John Armistead


Discussing the Future of Drug Development and the Pharmaceutical Marketplace
Brittiany Feher, Brady Giles, Gina Jones, Karen Kier, and Chet Kaczor


Population Health Management, Data and Technology
Helena Ladd, Cody Hepp, Anna McCloud, Hannah Granger, Mary Ellen Hethcox, and Samuel Calabrese


Healthcare Delivery and Pharmacy Workforce: Pharmacy (Wo)Manpower - 2016 and beyond...
Crystal Zheng, Mariah Steele, Noori Lee, Sabrina Hamman, and Stanley Kent


Professional Leadership Development
Jena Schlabach, Meagan Brandt, Olivia Vanscoy, Kasie Bellmann, Jenelle Sobotka, and Marianne F. Ivey

Editorial Student Group

Hannah Granger
Sabrina Hamman
Katherine Liu

Faculty Advisors

Mary Ellen Hethcox, BSPh, PharmD
Jenelle Sobotka, BS, PharmD, RPh, FAPhA
Original Journal Layout
Darlene Bowers