Pharmacy and Wellness Review

Volume 0, Issue 4 (2013) PAW Review Supplement - May 2013


Sterile Compounding: Regulations Addressed After the Meningitis Outbreak of 2012
Kelly M. Dye, Tara M. Tokar, Halle M. Orlinski, Heather Helsel, and Marcia M. Worley


Metformin and Cancer: Pharmacoepidemiology Considerations
Sarah Kradel, Christina Spinaris, Victoria Pennington, Adam Trimble, Lara Long, and Natalie DiPietro


Accountable Care Organizations: What Pharmacists Should Know
Kaitlin M. Horton, Rachel J. Pucel, Alison L. Streinbrunner, Lindsay A. Fleegle, and Donald L. Sullivan


The Road to Provider Status: Legislative Obstacles and Precursors
Todd A. Tucker Jr., Sarah Turley, Kaila Bollinger, Lara Long, Jenelle Sobotka, and Amy Fanous

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