Pharmacy and Wellness Review

Volume 0, Issue 3 (2013) PAW Review Supplement - February 2013


How to Set Up an Outreach Event: A Guide for Pharmacists
Kimberly Baucher, Andrew Skouby, Tanya Wilsmann, Eric Stack, and Kristen Finley Sobota


Common Questions and Answers Regarding OARRS for Pharmacists
Brittany M. Dye, Victoria S. Pennington, Rachel J. Pucel, Lindsay A. Fleegle, and Donald L. Sullivan


Different Types of Board Certified Pharmacists
Taylor Alane Beale, Megan Ruffner, Joanne Kien Tran, Lindsay A. Fleegle, Jennifer J. Kline, and Pat Parteleno


Adderall®: Understanding and Preventing its Abuse Amongst College-aged Students
Adam Trimble, Cody Hay, Lindsay Mark, Heather Helsel, and Tom Kier


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Lindsay Fleegle
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Eric Stack
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Faculty Advisors

Anne F. Gentry, PharmD
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