This collection contains scholarship and creative works from members of faculty in Mechanical Engineering at Ohio Northern University's College of Engineering. Content may include journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings or papers, poster sessions, essays, and other materials.


Submissions from 2019

Work in Progress: Incorporating Microprocessors across the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum, Lawrence W. Funke, J. Blake Hylton, and David Sawyers

Determining the Number of Distinct Solutions in Planar Mechanism Design, Lawrence W. Funke, Jonathan Raney, and Cyler Caldwell

Submissions from 2018

Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Mindset into a System Dynamics Course, Louis A. DiBerardino, Lawrence W. Funke, and David R. Mikesell

Control of Final Part Dimensions in Polymer Extrusion Using a Variable-Geometry Die, Lawrence W. Funke and James P. Schmiedeler

Submissions from 2017

Simultaneous Topological and Dimensional Synthesis of Planar Morphing Mechanisms, Lawrence W. Funke and James P. Schmiedeler