This collection contains scholarship and creative works from members of faculty in Business Administration at the Dicke College of Business at Ohio Northern University. Content may include journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings or papers, poster sessions, essays, and other materials.


Submissions from 2021


Small business debt financing: the effect of lender structural complexity., Jaume Franquesa and David Vera

Submissions from 2020


Conceiving perfectible theories in management through adaptive framing., William Acar, Jaume Franquesa, and Jino Mwaka


Explanation and Rigor in Management Theorizing: Which Theory-Building Criteria Make for an Influential Contribution?, Jaume Franquesa, William Acar, and Jino Mwaka


Mapping Out a High-Impact Service Learning Project for Business Undergrads, Harry J. Wilson, Heather Crozier, and Daniel Hadidon

Submissions from 2009


Explaining entrepreneurial transience: The role of local taxation policy., Jaume Franquesa, Sergey Anokhin, and Jino Mwaka


Organizational slack and information technology innovation adoption in SMEs., Jaume Franquesa and Alan Brandyberry

Submissions from 1996

Entrepreneurs as managers: A study of the implications of different managerial styles for new venture performance., Jaume Franquesa and A. C. Cooper