Use of Resource Algorithms by Undergraduate Students in a Drug Information Center

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The objective of this project was to implement drug information (DI) resource algorithms to facilitate appropriate resource selection by students for use in a DI Center. Algorithms were developed for three common categories of DI requests. Current undergraduate students were surveyed to assess self-reported ability to select and utilize appropriate DI resources. Students were then provided training in use of algorithms for certain categories of DI requests. A follow-up survey to assess the same parameters as the baseline survey was distributed after approximately six weeks of algorithm use. Pre-exposure surveys indicated that students felt confident in the ability to find and interpret DI. Post-exposure surveys indicated only minimal changes in student assessed parameters. There were no significant improvements in student perception of ability to find information in any category except that of compatibility/stability, and no change in ability to interpret information in any category. It appears that the provision of faculty-constructed algorithms did not significantly impact student perception of ability to find or interpret most drug information.