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Signifor® Receives FDA Approvalfor the Management of Cushing's Disease


Cushing's disease is a disorder characterized by supraphysiologic levels of circulating cortisol due to excessive adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) secretion. Most often hypersecretion of ACTH is due to a pituitary adenoma, where surgical resection of the tumor is considered first-line treatment for the disease. Alternatively, the FDA has recently approved the somatostatin analogue, Signifor® (pasireotide ), for the management of Cushing's disease in patients for whom surgery is not an option. In clinical trials, pasireotide has shown a statistically significant reduction in urinary free cortisol levels, as well as significant improvements in quality of life. Based on current data, pasireotide appears to offer a new potential treatment option for patients who are poor candidates for surgery.