Pharmacy and Wellness Review

The Pharmacy and Wellness Review (PAW) is the official peer-reviewed journal of the Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy focusing on emerging pharmacy and interdisciplinary wellness topics for both current and future health care professionals. This student-run, open-access journal provides opportunities for students and new practitioners to develop their research, leadership, and writing abilities with the guidance of faculty.

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Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 1 (2017)


Zika Virus: Infectious Process and Public Health Response
Morgan Homan, Julia Dickman, Jenna Deininger, Austin Hopkins, Olivia Henton, and Steven N. Leonard


Zika Virus Induced Neurological Disorders and Impacts on Public Health
Alexandra Herman, Martha Zimmerman, Olivia Vanscoy, Olivia Henton, and Lindsey Peters


Triple Therapy or Triple Threat: An Analysis of Triple Antiplatelet Therapy Compared to Dual Antiplatelet Therapy
Isabel E. Cwikla, Kara C. Horvath, Elaina Gollmar, Austin Hilverding, and Erin Petersen


Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma with Vismodegib
Sunitha Johns, Katlyn Brown, Emily Loudermilk, Crystal Zheng, Anh Dao Le, and Sophocles Chrissobolis


Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome from Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor Use During Pregnancy
Elizabeth Kramer, Maria Patnella, Rachel Bulko, Allie Harrison, Hannah Lamb, and Manoranjan D'Souza


Maternal and Infant Health Benefits Related to Infantile Feeding Methods
Michaela Wolford, Alexa Bouts, Carmen Lariccia, Cara Walden, Anh Dao Le, and Andrew M. Roecker


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