This collection contains the radio program "Opioid Crisis Interview Series", which aired from February 24, 2018 to March 31, 2018 on Ohio Northern University's licensed radio station: WONB 94.9FM, The Beat.

Through a series of interviews with experts, Paige Goodwin, WONB 94.9FM's student public affairs director, investigated the opioid crisis. This crisis is not just a national or state issue. It's also a local issue. She examined the epidemic through the perspectives of law enforcement, sociology, chemistry, toxicology, criminal justice and the county health department. These local officials and experts, along with many others, are working collectively to get a grip on this rampant problem. These interviews originally aired as episodes of "Community Clips," WONB's public affairs program.


Recordings from 2018

Opioid Crisis Interview - Diana Carroll-Aghdam and Arin Tracey, Representatives of the Kenton-Hardin Health Department, Paige Goodwin

Opioid Crisis Interview - Dr. Tristin Kilgallon, ONU Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Paige Goodwin

Opioid Crisis Interview - Dr. Harold Schueler, ONU Assistant Professor of Forensic Biology, Paige Goodwin

Opioid Crisis Interview - Dr. Kelly Hall, ONU Chemistry Laboratory Instructor, Paige Goodwin

Opioid Crisis Interview - Dr. Keith Durkin, ONU Professor of Sociology, Paige Goodwin

Opioid Crisis Interview - Keith Everhart, Hardin County Sheriff, Paige Goodwin