This collection contains scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) from faculty members at Ohio Northern University. Also included are works on pedagogy and reflective teaching practice. Content may include journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings or papers, poster sessions, essays, and other materials.


Works from 2019

A Call to Action!: Quality in Student Outreach, Benjamin D. Aronson

Moving Away from the Smorgasbord Research Approach: Lessons from a New Faculty Member, Benjamin D. Aronson

Navigating the Educational Approaches and Assessment for Personal and Professional Development (CAPE Domain 4): Self-Awareness, Benjamin D. Aronson

A Systematic Review in Search of Innovation in Teaching Pharmacy Management, Business, and Leadership, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kevin Ernst, Kyle W. Parker, Trate DeVolld, Mary Komandt, Avery Meadows, and Natalie A. DiPietro-Mager

Destination Better Quality: Examining Quality on a Mobile Health Clinic, Benjamin D. Aronson, A. McPheron, Amy M. Fanous, and E. T. Eddy

Will increased co-curricular activity lead to stronger professional engagement?, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kelly M. Shields, and Kristin K. Janke

Escape Room Activity and Impact on Student Perceived Team Dynamics, E. T. Eddy, Kelly M. Shields, Michelle R. Musser, and Jessica L. Hinson

Works from 2018

Diabetes distress: Select findings from the Gathering for Health Study, Benjamin D. Aronson

Got my mind set on you: Measuring mindset in student pharmacists, Benjamin D. Aronson, R. A. Bechtol, B. VonHoff, G. Lepp, and Kristen K. Janke

Impact of student to student peer mentoring program in first year of pharmacy program, Amber M. Etzel, Saleh F. Alqifari, Kelly M. Shields, Yong Wang, and Nicholas B. Bileck

The impact of a wellness course on incoming college freshman to develop proper health and wellness habits, Amy M. Fanous, Michael J. Rush, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Karen L. Kier

Translating from employee wellness to student wellness: A first-year pharmacy course, Amy M. Fanous, Michael J. Rush, Benjamin D. Aronson, and Karen L. Kier

I can’t get no satisfaction: A longitudinal analysis of glucose satisfaction and diabetes distress, Christina Marengo and Benjamin D. Aronson

Integration of Disciplines in Teaching of Parkinson’s Disease, Mark E. Olah, Jeffrey Christoff, Kelly R. Kroustos, and Kelly M. Shields

Relationship between mental health disorders, perceived stress level and a college student’s academic success, Marisa Rinehart and Benjamin D. Aronson

Evaluation of the Impact of a Novel, Hands-On Basic Science Exercise on Students’ Learning, Yousif B. Rojeab, Tarek M. Mahfouz, Kelly M. Shields, David H. Kinder, H. Lamb, Dee Dee L. Myers, and E. Loudermilk

Active Learning Video Assignment to Impact Pharmacy Students’ Knowledge of Natural Products, Kelly M. Shields, Amber M. Etzel, H. Lamb, and Yong Wang

‘Hope’ing to become a pharmacist: Exploring hope in first year pharmacy students, B. A. Von Hoff, Benjamin D. Aronson, Kristin K. Janke, and R. A. Bechtol

Works from 2017

An Update on National Provider Status and Health Care Reform, Benjamin D. Aronson

Assessing the Impact of a Student-to-Student Peer Mentoring Program, Amber M. Etzel, Saleh F. Alqifari, Kelly M. Shields, and Nicholas B. Bileck

Assessing professionalism in a direct entry 0-6 program, Jennifer K. Grundey, Karen L. Kier, Yousif B. Rojeab, Andy M. Roecker, Kelly M. Shields, and Michelle R. Musser

Using a Mock Board of Pharmacy Disciplinary Hearing to Teach Administrative Law, Empathy, and Professionalism, Kyle W. Parker, Natalie A. DiPietro-Mager, Donald C. Hart, and Benjamin D. Aronson


Modification of a junior-level capstone course to incorporate scientific writing, Bradley M. Wile

Works from 2016


Global Health Education in Doctor of Pharmacy Programs, Lydia C. Bailey and Natalie A. DiPietro Mager

Political Involvement, the Advocacy of Process, and the Religion Classroom, Swasti Bhattacharyya and Forrest Clingerman

Works from 2014


Water in the Computer Lab! (A Computational Project for Undergraduate Inorganic Chemistry), Bradley M. Wile and Trilisa M. Perrine

Works from 2013


An Elective Course in Women's Health Issues, Natalie A. DiPietro

Implementation and Evaluation of a Student-Led, Online, Longitudinal Outpatient Case Elective, Kelly M. Shields, Kristen F. Sobota, Kelly R. Kroustos, David R. Bright, Christine L. North, and David F. Kisor


Incorporating Catalysis in Inorganic Chemistry 1 Lecture and Laboratory at ONU, Bradley M. Wile

Works from 2012

Reasons students choose a pharmacy career, N. Sivak, Kelly M. Shields, Kimberly A. Broedel-Zaugg, and Tarek M. Mahfouz

Works from 2009

Analysis of PharmD Students’ Interest Regarding Postgraduate Pharmacy Residencies, E. Rhodes, Kristen N. Finley, and Kelly M. Shields

Works from 2008

Natural Health Product Education in the United States, Kelly M. Shields

Works from 2007

Introduction to Dietary Supplements, Kelly M. Shields

Works from 2006


Use of Resource Algorithms by Undergraduate Students in a Drug Information Center, Kelly M. Shields

Works from 2005

Creating a Professional Continuum within the Curriculum, Kelly M. Shields

Works from 2004

Natural Product and CAM Education in U.S. Pharmacy Schools: Comparison and Results of Two National Surveys, Kelly M. Shields, Arjun Dutta, Monika N. Daftary, Patricia Ayuk-Egbe, Cydney E. McQueen, and Patrick J. Bryant

Works from 2003

Natural Product Education in Schools of Pharmacy in the United States, Kelly M. Shields and Cydney E. McQueen